The summer is a great time for rest and relaxation. But it's also a great time for powering up and preparing for the new school year. So here is a challenge for your summer break... The Seven Day Power Up Challenge. Seven days, seven challenges, an hour each challenge. Doesn't sound so terrible in the long sunny stretch of summer, does it? So jump in and take charge of your learning...

Welcome to the final day of our National Teacher Appreciation Week Series: Educators Who Inspire Educators! While this may be the last day of the official week, we hope you will continue to honor and appreciate teachers every day. Since it's the last day, we have a twofer! Two teachers for one post! Woo hoo! From Singapore then back home again to the USA, let's get to know these two inspiring educators...

Welcome to Day 4 of our National Teacher Appreciation Week Series: Educators Who Inspire Educators. We have gotten to know three hardworking teachers throughout this week. Now we head to Orland Park, IL to meet high school teacher leader.

On to Day 3 of our National Teacher Appreciation Week Series: Educators Who Inspire Educators. We've already learned about two excellent teachers. Today, we'll go for lucky number three as we meet a first grade teacher from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Today is Day 2 of our National Teacher Appreciation Week Series: Educators Who Inspire Educators. It is also the official Teacher Appreciation Day! Yesterday Jason Markey honored Frank Holthouse, today we head to the land down under to meet an eLearning Teacher!

I want to send a wish out to our teachers on this Teacher Appreciation Day. Please also appreciate yourselves. Teachers are so good at pumping up their students, their school and even each other. However, they aren't always the best at giving themselves props. So teachers, moving forward: don't say "I'm just a teacher". Don't feed into this negativity. Don't downplay your hard work, sweat, tears and heart. Don't be humble. Take today to brag.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I am honoring my colleagues with a week-long series called "Educators who Inspire Educators." I reached out to my PLN and asked them to spotlight an amazing teacher. Thanks to the enthusiastic responses, each day this week we'll be learning more about educators from around the world who are creating #EduWins in their classrooms everyday.

Google Apps for Education is an incredibly popular ecosystem for students, teachers and everyone in between. From Google Docs to YouTube, this suite of resources and tools is becoming more of a central fixture in our schools. However, there are some lesser-used Google Apps that have great potential to impact teaching and learning. Here are three Google Apps that I think deserve a little more love...

What makes me stop and listen are apps and programs that offer new opportunities for my students. Tools that amplify students' ideas, thinking, or access to the global learning community. I also perk up at tools that work collaboratively with other great tools. Open APIs, shared platforms or a willingness to adapt to support multiple systems are incredibly helpful as a teacher who needs to think about reconciling multiple apps, operating systems and workflow systems. So with this in mind, here are a seven of my favorite new (and not so new) apps, tools and programs that have me digging ...

Today I'm so honored to have a dear friend and respected colleague, Sue Gorman, guest blog on TTT! An incredibly generous professional and thoughtful educator, Sue brings experience and insight into educational technology and professional learning. Today she's here to talk about her own growth and the tools she uses to do so!


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