As more and more of our classrooms go 1:1 with technology, they are being faced with new challenges. One that looms over many teachers' heads is what to do when students misuse the devices? That is, what is the appropriate response when a student is on the wrong app at the wrong time, downloads games to their device when they're supposed to be building a website, writes four-lettered words on a class discussion board, or worse - engages in cyberbullying?

Hopefully last week's digital learning day brought more awareness to how technology can transform teaching and learning. In our network, we had dozens of new and veteran teachers realizing how they could harness the power of tech to create new opportunities for their students. However, no matter your level of buy-in or awareness, if you don't have devices it doesn't matter since you can't "go digital", right? Not necessarily! Here are seven ideas for how you can go digital - even without devices.

While the goal is celebrating digital learning every day in schools, February 5th is a day to bring special awareness to those educators who might not feel as comfortable infusing tech to teaching. So what can you do to support digital learning (day) and increase digital learning opportunities this Wednesday (and every day)? Here are some quick wins and easy ideas.

Will you be watching the Winter Olympics with your students? Even more - will you use this as a teaching opportunity?

When I first became a teacher, I spent incredible amounts of money on my classroom, but was incredibly wary of spending money on professional learning. Attending a stale Saturday "workshop" where I left without any inspiration or real learning didn't seem worth dollars I could be spending on my classroom library. Now, 10 years later, I'm gleefully shelling out hundreds of dollars for conferences. What changed? As I reflected on this mindshift, I kept coming back to the following three factors that make me want to attend a professional learning event.

As 2013 comes to a close, it's a great time to reflect on where we've been and where we're heading. Although December 31st isn't the end of our school year, we can still make new year's resolutions about how we'll return to our schools and effect change. In some ways, these resolutions are even more powerful than goals set in August. After all, now we've had several months with students and colleagues. We've gotten a taste for this year's challenges and experienced some successes and failures. As a result, we can make more informed resolutions for the second half of ...

For many educators, tomorrow is the last day before winter break. Some are already enjoying a winter hiatus. This time is great for connecting with family, enjoying holiday traditions, travel or catching up on much-needed rest. And yet after the big meals, parties and festivities are done, this might also be a perfect time to power up on some new digital learning ideas to jump start 2014. Here are a few things to check out in your down time. #1 Create a Class Twitter Account As your students explore, learn and grow, it is great to chronicle their journey. Amplify ...

Pepsi or Coke? Mac or PC? Burger King or McDonalds? With brand rivalries like these people tend to pick their team and stick with it. I've witnessed patrons sending back drinks when they order a Coke and instead receive a Pepsi. I've seen wedding guests venomously arguing about which french fry reigns supreme. It seems that they are married to their brand choice - and for many this comes with a fierce loyalty. But what about EdTech rivalries? iPads or Chromebooks? Edmodo or Schoology? AppleTV or Chromecast? In these cases, I was once a stauch advocate for or adversary against ...

In this week's Digital Buzz, we explore how to leverage social media, specifically Twitter, to amplify your school's voice. Today we are joined by Jason Markey, principal of East Leyden High School, and two of his amazing students, Ariana and Kristina. Together, they share the story of how their school created their own Twitter "brand" - a hashtag and a Twitter handle... both run by students! Watch the interview below and follow both #LeydenPride and @LeydenPride to see how student voices can shape your positive school culture!...

How do you support teacher growth and thus student growth when it comes to technology? How do you convince a tech-resistant staff to adopt new devices or pedagogies? How do you create and sustain a culture of innovation? While there isn't a single answer to any of these questions, here are six strategies I've found successful so far.


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