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So you’ve begun to learn more about those gifted kiddos in your classroom and you’re wondering where to go for more resources... What will work in your classroom? What resources are available for you as a parent of a gifted child? “Help! What do I do with these kids and where can I learn more‽” Don’t worry… You’re not alone. I cross paths all the time with teachers who have begun to learn about gifted students, realized how little they were prepared for these unusual students, and desire to seek out resources that will help them ...

My goal today is to provide all of you with some tips about excellent websites that have information about gifted students and gifted education resources. While some of you who frequent this blog are likely already aware of most or all of these links, a significant number of readers here are new to learning about gifted students and I want to help equip you with additional (and high quality) resources. I know there are a lot of you out there who are regular classroom teachers (or future teachers) who want to know what to do for (and about!) the gifted ...


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