Checking in from the 3rd day of the national gifted education convention, Tamara Fisher shares some excellent new resources for advanced learners.

In 36 (of 43 responding) states, teachers are never required to get ANY training about gifted learners. And yet these children are in their classrooms. Tamara shares this tidbit and others as she reports from the second day of the national gifted education conference.

Tamara Fisher reports in from the first day of the national gifted education convention.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher has created a webmix of links to sites that her students (and yours, too!) can use for their independent projects and study.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher suggests a variety of resources that would make a great gift for a teacher you know who is interested in better reaching his or her most advanced learners.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher is excited to participate in the varied opportunities offered by this year's national gifted education conference.

Tamara Fisher's new advocacy strategy for the year is to send more of her gifted students to the principal's office. What is she up to?!

Tamara Fisher offers some ideas for celebrating International Day of the Gifted.

Tamara Fisher interviews four teachers who have experienced a turnaround of thinking regarding the education of gifted students.

Tamara Fisher reports in with insights from her favorite gifted education conference. Topics covered so far include RTI, identification, technology, twice exceptional learners, creativity, and social/emotional needs of the gifted.


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