It is National Parenting Gifted Children Week, which brings with it a host of new - and free - online resources about gifted children. Tamara Fisher offers details!

Tamara gives a run-down summary of some great online tools and resources available for teachers.

Just a note from Tamara about a conference session that you can attend online tonight and learn about "60 Tech Tools & Resources in 60 Mintues."

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher shares lively samples of Creative Thinking from her 2nd and 4th grade gifted students.

Tamara Fisher is a little flummoxed by the remarkable potential of her new camera. And she realized the same often holds true for how teachers, parents, and the gifted students themselves feel about a child's giftedness.

Parenting a gifted child isn't the cakewalk others seem to assume it is. Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher offers gems of advice for those trekking this topsy-turvy journey.

Tamara Fisher asks, "What do you know about the twice-exceptional?" The National Institute for Twice-Exceptionality is conducting a survey to gather data from educators about their level of understanding regarding this unique population of doubly exceptional students.

Tamara Fisher offers photographs to demonstrate the range of activities involved in teaching gifted students.

Tamara Fisher encourages parents of gifted children to participate in a survey gathering data about their experiences with their children's doctors.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher reflects on a day of advocacy at her state Legislature.


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