Opportunities abound this summer for teachers and parents who want to learn more about gifted children and meeting their academic, intellectual, and social/emotional needs. Tamara Fisher shares details about a few of her favorites.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher encourages her readers to participate in an upcoming series of high-quality webinars about gifted students.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher points the way to data and research dispelling common myths about gifted students and gifted education.

Tamara Fisher links her readers to two new sources of information about Response to Intervention and its possible adaptations for gifted students.

Tamara Fisher celebrates the 30th anniversary of the founding of her state's gifted education advocacy organization, and encourages others living where no such organizations exist to find one another and become pioneers themselves by founding new and much-needed organizations where they live.

Tamara Fisher scans available information regarding MRI's and what they indicate about developmental differences in the brains of gifted youth.

Gifted Education Specialist Tamara Fisher provides information about great opportunities for teachers and parents to learn more about educating gifted students

Tamara Fisher asks her gifted students what they really mean when they say that something in school is "fun."

Tamara Fisher is excited that the ThinkFun company has created an iPhone/iPodTouch App of their famous - and deliciously challenging - Rush Hour game.

Tamara Fisher checks in with her report on the NAGC convention finale.


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