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Here's what was happening at Curmudgucation this week.

"Boys," I imagine someone in the dark room saying. "We need to start a new conversation, because we are sure as hell losing the old one."

EdPost whiffs, Brookings loses weight, and standardization isn't a great thing. The week at Curmudgucation.

Accountability is the enemy of excellence.

There are many fine reasons to consider at least some aspects of a choice system. But we can't have those conversations until and unless we drop the financial fantasies and are honest about the true cost.

One of the biggest problems with running a restaurant is the cook. The cook (or if we're getting fancy, the chef) is a trained professional with a unique skill set. The cook can be expensive to pay and hard to manage because the cook can always get a new job, but it's a challenge for the restaurant to find a new cook. What's an investor in the food industry to do?


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