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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

Time magazine, Buffalo school board, Tennessee takeovers, Minnesota test cheering, and TFA avoiding teaching-- all this and more in the week at Curmudgucation

We have a new addition to the list of Reasons We Must Have High Stakes Standardized Tests: because otherwise, we would never know that there are pockets of poverty and low achievement in this country's schools.

Arne, teacher evaluation, incentive pay, the widget effect, and a trip to Minneapolis are among the week's blog posts.

No, the takeaway here is not that businessmen are evil. The takeaway is that a free market is fundamentally incompatible with a public school system.

Here's what was happening at Curmudgucation this week.

CCSS can spend weeks building a beautiful machine, but PD can dismantle it in just a few hours.

Here's what was happening at Curmudgucation this week.

Test prep was the order of the day under NCLB, and under the Core, the high stakes test will drive the curriculum bus once again. All other alignment is just doing the deck chair dance of doom.


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