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"Teaching to the test" is an oft-repeated phrase these days. We discuss it a great deal in education because A) we're doing it more than ever and B) everyone knows we're not supposed to.

Testing, testing, testing, and also, testing. Are we worried about anything else these days? Rowdy children in Newark! Oh, yeah. ESEA.

Relationships, not policy papers and legislative mandates, make the difference.

This week Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio all made their special marks in the education reform biz. Also, testing is still an issue.

Proponents of vouchers and choice systems never tire of touting the benefits of the free market. For them, the free market is like a colosseum in which gladiator products battle to become better, until the crown goes to those who are Most Excellent of All. It's a touchingly childlike belief; the free market will deliver excellence to customers just like Santa will deliver presents to good boys and girls.

This week, more rumblings about ESEA, more sales pitching for testing, and more dwindling effectiveness for a $12 million wonder.

Is the purpose of the current crop of charter schools to enhance public education-- or replace it?

While the money has flowed to bolster PR for school choice and charters, I've been taking look at some of charterdom's less admirable side-effects. Plus, the biggest failure of the reformster movement.


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