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Politics, testing, and a film worth watching today.

From Students Matter to Campbell Brown, reformsters have been working to erode teacher job security and end the use of senoirity in furlough decisions. The current system, they say, is unfairly hurting great young teachers. I have some thoughts about gifted teachers at the beginning of their careers, because I'm married to one of them.

Testing, testing, Pearson annoying people, Whitney Tilson, and failing publishers. Also, I use my imagination to search for reformy answers.

We have an equity problem in education in this country, and I'm not sure it's all that complicated-- we don't want to spend enough money to get the job done.

As we enter testing opt-out season with its ever-increasing rising tide of test opposition, the fans of test-driven accountability have had to use every weapon in their arsenal to try to beat back the non-testing hordes who threaten modern educational progress (and corporate revenue streams). Now they've been reduced to using brute force and ridicule.

Testing, belief, charters, economists pretending to understand education, early reading and David Brooks bloviation-- all this week at Curmudgucation.

"Two hundred students are trapped in this failing facility. Trapped, I say. Trapped!! Luckily, we know what must be done."

Common Core, truth, lies, belief and political expediency. It's been a very deep week at Curmudgucation.


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