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More and more people are coming to see the SAT and ACT for what they are-- products for sale. Much of the SAT and ACT customer base is people who pay for the product because, well, you know, you have to, right? There's no choice, right?

Quotes and lessons and reformy baloney.

I am a big believer in having a teacher toolbox chock full of many and varied tools. I also believe that just because a tool doesn't work well for me, that doesn't mean it can't work for someone else. Nevertheless, there are some approaches that simply don't belong in a classroom eve

Activism, politics, journalism, and pretend journalism—it was a busy week in the edublogosphere.

News came last evening that Kansas has taken a bold new step in making their schools Even Worse. Tuesday, the Kansas State Board of Education voted to allow unlicensed people to teach in Kansas schools.

Charters, a new documentary, and politicians on parade. Just another July in educationland.

Those of us who argue against reformster policies in education sometimes fall into the mistake of wanting to go back, to roll back the clock to the days before high-stakes test driven accountability, federally-coerced standards, and privateering began messing with public education in earnest. We can't, and we shouldn't want to. Because there is real work we need to do.

Creating great teachers and putting them in the right classrooms. More gaps. And a happy Fourth of July.

PARCC, built on the dream of a national scale standardized testing system, has been dumped by yet another state. Governor John Kasich of Ohio yesterday signed a budget that severs Ohio's connection to the PARCC consortium. The dream is dying.


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