Those of us who argue against reformster policies in education sometimes fall into the mistake of wanting to go back, to roll back the clock to the days before high-stakes test driven accountability, federally-coerced standards, and privateering began messing with public education in earnest. We can't, and we shouldn't want to. Because there is real work we need to do.

Creating great teachers and putting them in the right classrooms. More gaps. And a happy Fourth of July.

PARCC, built on the dream of a national scale standardized testing system, has been dumped by yet another state. Governor John Kasich of Ohio yesterday signed a budget that severs Ohio's connection to the PARCC consortium. The dream is dying.

It has been a busy week, and the news for public education has been none too good. Fox Runs PARCC PR Chris Wallace provides a gentle plug for the head of PARCC So Long, Cami. No Celebration To Follow. Cami Anderson will finally quit Newark, but there's no cause for celebration. Campbell Brown's New Assault Brown is launching a new news-ish site with a $4 mill budget and a mission. McGrading the McTest PARCC official puts fish in barrel, allows education bloggers to go ahead and shoot. Invest in Test Prep Despite claims that new generation tests are unpreppable, investors ...

In the wake of a truly terrible act of racism, the internet has birthed a powerful community and an invaluable resource.

Touring some states, privatization, defending TFA, and trying to understand monsters-- plus, what the New York Times doesn't know about education!

Charter-choice fans are ecstatic. Nevada's GOP legislature has decided to go all in on a state-wide voucher program.It will not be awesome. Here are five reasons that Nevada's imagined future of choice-driven most excellent unicorn farming is just a mirage.

Balancing the Equation: Supply and Demand in Tomorrow's School Choice Marketplaces offers a more nuanced view of a charter-choice landscape than the freemarket acolytes at AEI have presented in the past, but it still reads like an exercise in unicorn farming.

It's time for the beginning of summer break. That means a time of opportunity for teachers, ranging from the personal to the professional. But the greater availability of teachers also means that summer is a time of opportunity for policy makers and education deep thinkers.

Charters, data, oxymorons, writing, Wisconsin suckage, sad cybers, and more kerfluffling in New Jersey.


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