Teaching is a relationship, and the first rule of relationships is that you have to show up. You cannot maintain a relationship through proxies, in absentia, on autopilot, or by wearing a big, thick mask. You have to be present. You have to be honest. You have to show up.

Charter boosting in PA, discord in NJ, and poker for the rich and famous-ish in NY.

You cannot shame people into excellence. You can not make them stronger by making them feel weak. You do not help them stand up by knocking them down.

Charter fraud, Arne speaks on Pre-K, testing, and the hot new Honesty Gap!

Watching a roomful of students slog through Pennsylvania's algebra-flavored Big Standardized Test today, I'm reminded of one of the many flawed assumptions of test promoters. Before you can compile the test answers, before you can crunch the numbers and sift the data and build your house of test-driven cards-- before you can do all that, you have a first hurdle to fling yourself over. The students taking the test have to care. Of all the bizarre, imaginary scenarios that test-promoters believe, this is perhaps the most reality impaired: a room full of sixteen year olds coming to school and thinking, "Boy,...

Teacher week, charter school week, and the continued push for the Big Standardized Test. Happy Mother's Day!

The main question of the report is this: In 2009, the feds threw $3 billion dollars of stimulus money into School Improvement Grants in order to goose intervention models and generally get a bunch of failing schools to turn around. How did that turn out? Answer: Not all that well.

Traveling to the Network for Public Education convention in Chicago last weekend threw me off my weekly routine, but I still have select cuts for you from this week at Curmudgucation, from NPE reports to the problems of being a reformster booster and the disaster-in-the-remaking of NY teacher evaluations.

So how do we sort the policies and proposals, the reformsters and the shysters. How do we know if people work as true reformers and not simply colonizers. The key question is simple: whose voice is being heard?

I think the opt-out explosion suggests that more is needed than a tweaking. I'd like to suggest a reboot.


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