Opting out is all the rage, except in Burbank, where rage is all the rage. Meanwhile, are we using the right drivers for education? All this and more, last week in Curmudgucation.

Merryl Tisch can blame the opt out movement on the union and politics all she wants; the reality on the ground is that more and more parents have had enough. The BS Test boosters are going to need better talking points.

Common Core fading, Andrew Cuomo evaluating, Jeb Bush running, Arne Duncan talking, and everybody taking a look at the Alexander-Murray ESEA rewrite.

What would I have done if I had been in Atlanta?

Equity, cage-busting, bad times for New York teachers, and more policy papers.

The slow-motion train wreck that is the unspooling of the Corinthian for-profit college chain has just dumped one more car off the tracks. Students have announced that they will not repay the debt they incurred attending the nation's top contender for the Predatory College gold medal. While the group launched as a collective fifteen, they have now rounded themselves off at an even 100. This is not an easy issue to parse. Most of us in the adult world understand a few basic financial principles, including "If you don't want to pay back a huge loan, don't take out the ...

Politics, testing, and a film worth watching today.

From Students Matter to Campbell Brown, reformsters have been working to erode teacher job security and end the use of senoirity in furlough decisions. The current system, they say, is unfairly hurting great young teachers. I have some thoughts about gifted teachers at the beginning of their careers, because I'm married to one of them.

Testing, testing, Pearson annoying people, Whitney Tilson, and failing publishers. Also, I use my imagination to search for reformy answers.

We have an equity problem in education in this country, and I'm not sure it's all that complicated-- we don't want to spend enough money to get the job done.


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