We aren't any closer to fixing whatever is supposedly wrong with tenure than we were a few years ago. Why not? Because there are certain obstacles to the brighter bad-teacher-firing future that some dream of.

You'd think a holiday week would be slow, but between news breaking in York, PA and Bill Gates admitting to being naive, there were still pieces to be written.

There are some events in the world of education that we have all been anticipating breathlessly. And yet in 2014, they just didn't happen.

Pearson redesigns education, Cuomo declares war, and Arne claims to have learned something, all this week at Curmudgucation.

It is by far the weakest argument presented in favor of the Common Core (well, the weakest argument that is not, like "written by teachers" or "internationally benchmarked," based on fabrications and falsehoods). It is the argument that we must stick with Common Core because dropping the standards would be too costly and disruptive.

Forbes, Mike Petrilli, religion in schools, and charter cheating in Chicago. Another fun week at Curmudgucation.

All I want to do with NCLB is blow it up. I realize I'm dreaming, but so is anyone who thinks we can have 100% above average students or who thinks that free market forces could possibly help education. I like my dream better.

One of the recurring narratives among conservative supporters of the Common Core is the Tale of How Duncan and Obama Corrupted the Good and Virtuous Common Core. And no matter how often the tale is debunked, it keeps popping up again.

Rochester charter shenanigans, America's sexiest teacher, and a festival of gubernatorial talking points in this week's Curmudgucation.

The parable doesn't say that the Samaritan found the man beaten and lying at the side of the road and said, "I'm going to do you a huge favor. I'm going to expect you to heal yourself and get yourself out of that ditch. Good luck. I expect I'll see you later."


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