Jeb wants to nuance his way to President, Brookings wants the poor to marry their way to prosperity, and principals want to find a way to get VAM off their backs.

If we're going to find the next generation accountability system, we'll need to ask the right questions. Let me humbly suggest a list.

Ohio elementary specials under siege, NCTQ with bogus research, the feds ask to see states' imaginary plans, and High Noon at AEI. This week at curmudgucation.

Is it possible to rewrite the Core so that they are actually good? What questions must we answer if we are to create standards worth having?

Elections, Brookings bad research, and meritocracy are part of this week at Curmudgucation

Simply ignoring the people who come to coach teachers in educational malpractice isn't working. Standing up and telling them to go to hell is probably a poor employment choice. But we can always ask questions...

More tenure, testing the children, and punishing the teachers.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

Time magazine, Buffalo school board, Tennessee takeovers, Minnesota test cheering, and TFA avoiding teaching-- all this and more in the week at Curmudgucation

We have a new addition to the list of Reasons We Must Have High Stakes Standardized Tests: because otherwise, we would never know that there are pockets of poverty and low achievement in this country's schools.


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