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Case of Mistaken Indentity

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Speaking of honest mistakes, a charter school in Ogden, Utah, thought it had hit the jackpot when it booked Jon Stewart to appear at its annual fund-raiser gala. The DaVinci Academy sold 700 tickets at $50 a pop for the April 20 event. Then school officials discovered that they had landed not Jon Stewart of The Daily Show but Jon A. Stewart, a part-time professional wrestler and former motivational speaker from Chicago. "I thought it was a little elaborate for me," admitted the wrestler, who insists he had asked the school whether they had the right person. The school canceled the Jon Stewart appearance, and plans to showcase local performing groups instead. "It's not about the celebrities," said Debbie Legge, president of the school's board of directors. "It's about kids and helping them get a good education." Which makes you wonder why they didn't just let Jon A. Stewart do his thing.

1 Comment

I, too, wonder why they didn't proceed with the Jon A. Stewart appearance. Considering the fact that he was once a motivational speaker, I'm sure he'd have been quite entertaining and inspiring.

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