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Getting a Room

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From the questionable-career-moves department: Two middle school teachers in Hillsborough County, Florida, have resigned after a couple of students reported seeing them having sex inside a locked classroom. The students told school officials that they observed the educators, a Spanish teacher and a coach, through a hole in a piece of paper covering the classroom window. The teachers originally denied the allegation, but, according to a district report, later admitted that this wasn’t the first time. The district’s report also says that one of the teachers tried to keep the students from reporting the incident, pulling one of them out of her next class. The teachers, both in good standing at the time, resigned after they were interviewed “about unprofessional conduct on campus,” according to a school letter to parents. They now face a state inquiry that could result in their losing certification. “I’m embarrassed by the incident,” one of the teachers said. “Everything is not what it seems.”

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Is there a problem in this town with getting a Motel Room? Do either of these two teachers have homes they could go to? It is just plain silly to be having sex at school, locked doors or not. I would think they could wait till after the school day is over. It is just sort of unprofessional.

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