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Bad Hair Day

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Next time you’re giving an exam, just to be safe, you may want to check whether any of your students’ hairstyles look … different. Police in Hanoi, Vietnam, have uncovered a scheme in which more than 20 students wore intricately wired wigs and shirts to cheat on their college entrance exams. The students were allegedly supported by a cheating “ring” to which they paid as much as 50 million dong ($3,125) for equipment, a training course, and, ultimately, wired-in answers. A weekend raid on the ring, according to police, netted a bounty of cell phones, earphones, and smart cards, as well as eight shirts and five wigs. A police officer noted that the wigs were only used in cases where the students’ hair was too short to cover the earphone. If it sounds like the students were acting out of desperation, that’s because they probably were: Only about 10 percent of students in Vietnam are admitted into universities.

1 Comment

I am shocked & somewhat surpised at this antic that the students were doing! lol Gosh.. talk about nerves of steel! I would have been scared outta' my mind to cheat.. that's one thing I never did in school.. well once, but it was like in fourth grade (USA) on a math test to remember multilper tables like 8 times 9 = such and such! lol But it felt very wrong somewhere inside me that I was not honest with myself in learning, and my morals & values! So I never cheated, and they must have been very desperate to do that like you wrote about! My question is why only 10% is admitted into Higher Education? Is it because of poor scores/learning during all those yaers in public schools? Are poorly trained teahers, or maybe is it such High Set Standards on the college entrance exams (do they differ than the measuring score here in USA) Are just why so few has got me wondering now about only 10%? But I enjoyed reading this article,a nd even got a laugh out of it.. Sincerely Randy

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