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Evolution of a Controversy


The Cobb County, Georgia, school board has decided that it's time to evolve. Four years after the school board ordered that stickers declaring evolution to be "a theory, not a fact" be pasted into all science textbooks, the board yesterday settled a lawsuit and agreed to put the issue to rest. The lawsuit, which was filed by district parents unhappy with the evolution stickers, was the final step in a drawn-out saga that was widely ridiculed on late-night TV and the Internet. School board chairwoman Teresa Plenge said the board felt "the need to put this divisive issue behind us," but asserted that she still believed the stickers were constitutional. U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper disagreed, and in May 2005, he ordered the district to remove the labels—a task accomplished by hiring students as temp workers and equipping them with putty knives and adhesive remover. The district appealed Cooper's decision, but the case hung in limbo until the settlement Tuesday. Baptist minister John Crooks—who's also an incoming school board member—was happy with the outcome. "Moving on to more important educational matters is essential," he said.


Well thank God for that! After all, it was God who gave us the eyes to see evidence, the brains full of curiosity and the skills to make inferences. Religion and science should abide peacefully within our society. It amazes me how some decide which evidence we'll accept and which we are supposed to ignore. Science is not in conflict with God. Science is trying to find out the "recipe", not denying who the "Master Chef" is. I teach science - and the more I learn, the more I'm in awe of the miracle of creation! Blessings to you all for the holidays!

Although the ruling is clearly in favor of good science, I hope the actual effect will be more and better evolution instruction. Too often the divisiveness of the issue simply encourages teachers to teach less and less of the topic, and thus the end goal of the creationists is achieved. I'd love to hear stories about how evolution is, or is not, being covered at Cobb County schools these days. Is it only in high school, or are teachers introducing it at elementary levels like other countries? I'd pay good money to sit in the back of a few biology classes there, just to see how the ruling is digested by kids and teachers.

Actually, evoluttion is a theory and not a fact. In science an experiment can be repeated more than once usually coming out with the same results each time. Evolution has never been able to be duplicated. We have never seen it with our eyes, have never seen monkeys change into men, no matter how long they live. As a matter of fact, they all die. Does that mean that evolution is no longer useful? In the deepest areas where fossils have been found,one has never been found in mid change,not then, and not now.

Evolution is one man's theory who himself questioned at the end of his life. For interesting reading, read
"Dawins Black Box"

Lori Condon,
Your comments on evolution are incredibly incorrect.
1. Evolution is a theory supported by numerous FACTS.
2. In some sciences, "duplication" is not necessary. Ask an archeologist.
3. Monkeys NEVER "changed into men". We SHARE a common ancestor with apes and other primates. An analogous situation is for you to claim that you never turned into your cousin. Of course you didn't, but you both share a common ancestor - a grandparent. Speciation is NOT "a fish decides to grow legs".
4. Transitional fossils are found all the time. Given the rarity of fossilization events, it's surprizing we find as much as we do.
5. Darwin never questioned himself at the end of his life. He questioned his thinking throughout his studies and still came up with the same answer each time - evolution by means of natural selection.
For accurate reporting of what evolution is, read a book by someone who actually studies evolution and is respected by his peers (Behe does not and is not).
By the way, I teach biology in Cobb County. I am also a neuroscientist.

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