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A Call for Spanking


Apparently, some Kansans’ idea of classroom management hasn’t evolved much, either. Propelled by a series of newspaper articles describing teachers’ difficulties in maintaining classroom order, a Kansas state senator plans to propose a bill that would make it less inconvenient for educators to use corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool. Specifically, legislation being by put forth by Republican state Senator Phil Journey would protect teachers who spank students from lawsuits and criminal charges if the local school board allows corporal punishment and parents provide written permission. “When all else fails, time outs and privilege restrictions and things like that, sometimes you need to give them a little swat to get their attention,” observed Journey, who has four children of his own. Currently, 29 states ban corporal punishment, according to the Center for Effective Discipline. Kansas does not have a law on corporal punishment, but most school boards in the state prohibit it. “If we model behavior that is exactly what we don’t want students to do, I don’t see how that would improve the situation,” noted Kelli Mather, head of student and family services for the school district in Kansas City, Kansas.


I disagree that spanking is modeling what we do not want children to emulate. For one thing proper spanking is done in control, not out of anger or the desire to hurt someone else or steal from them. I entered school as corporal punishment was being taken out, so I never personally experienced it at school. My brothers did however and had nothing bad to say about it. I was also spanked at home and believe I am better off for it. The reason why I would advocate for corporal punishment is this: children need a proper understanding of consequences. They need to know that bad decisions will cause them to hurt. Children who do not learn this are disrespectful and generally unprepared for the world as adults. I would of course only advocate for spanking if it is done maturely, for the benefit the child, with all safety precautions taken and of course, permission of the parents.

Very well written, L.W.

Bad decisions will cause them to hurt? Instead of corporal punishment, children and teachers need to learn successful methods of behavior management. Many alternatives have been identified including positive behavioral support, response to intervention, conflict management, and anti- bullying programs. Early intervention programs are required along with appropriate curricula, sensible rules, and sufficient student support personnel (school social workers, school psychologists, school counselors and teacher aides). Schools need to be a safe place for children and adolescents they do not need to model the violence they see on T.V., the streets and, unfortunately, too often in the home.

The only problem with using alternative methods is the cost. The school districts, states, and national government have to come up with the funds to cover early intervention programs and counseling. They just don't have to money to support such programs and so discipline, in what ever form it takes, is taking a backseat to paying for NCLB testing. Everyone would like to see alternative methods to corporal punishment, but you can't live in a utopia. You have to have the money to have programs and we just don't. The result of taking out corporal punishment and not having a funded alternative is that discipline is turing into an even bigger problem.

I personally believe that spankings should be allowed in all schools in North America, because these "alternative" methods haven't been very useful lately.
I'm a mother of a "dilemma child", but I can't lay a hand on him. I hope that the schools do spank, only not too hard so that the students are very hurt.

Seeing that spanking is only done "maturely" is a bit like ensuring that only sane people with good judgement can have guns. It would seem as though the biggest expense involved in doing things differently is in training teachers in different methodology. NCLB already requires a set aside of Title I dollars for professional development. Particularly in schools where data reveal that poor discipline is a barrier to learning, it would seem that the training would be a no brainer.

First off, I would like to say that it is a bad idea to be hitting kids at school. I grew up where know one should put there hands on anyone else. hitting somone is called battery, and with a implement, that can be very well labeled as assault with a deadly weapon. Thousands of people including myself, had a great time in schools and like all of my teachers. They changed me all for the better and not a single one ever hit me at school. It wasn't allowed in our state but they gained all the kids respect without waving a paddle around. I only agree that parents of the child should do the spanking in private at home, as i have learned from many college professors. Its time for a change and get people out of the teaching industry that like to hit kids. The kids are OUR future, remember that. You have no idea of what the outcome can be, it can leave years of depression, sadness, and there has been kids that have commited suicide because they were so embarassed that they got spanked to he/she finnaly cried. This kid was 5 years old; is the right to teach our children to hit. It is never okay to leave bruises on a childs behind, if parents do it this then that is called abuse, i think that the teachers, principals, or anyone else that gives spankings to kids that arent theres should be liable for the spanking and the outcome it may leave.

I wish teachers in Eldorado schools would spank my kid when out of line. He would actually follow their rules and learn at school instead of being a disruption to the whole class,

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