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Inconsistency in ADHD Treatment

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Are children with mental health illnesses like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder being overtreated? No, according to a recent Washington Post article citing a mental health study that says most children who meet the criteria for ADHD do not receive medicine consistently enough. “There’s a perception that ADHD is overdiagnosed and overtreated, so we wanted to see if that was true among those who met the disease criteria,” says Tanya Froehlich, a doctor at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and lead author of the study.

The study found that more than two million participating children ages eight to 15 met the criteria for ADHD, but only a third consistently received medication last year. Only 16 percent of poor children received medication, and were two-thirds less likely to receive medicine consistently. Although the study counters overtreatment of ADHD, another study, reports the Post, questions the validity of the increase in the number of children diagnosed with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder.

1 Comment

Brain research proves that the brain can change through mental stimulus. Attention can be strengthened without medication for many kids. I work with a company called LearningRx and over 50% of kids that go through intense cognitive training actually are taken off their medication.
I think we need to consider better answers than trying to make sure kids are taking the right dose of Ritalin! Parents should also be aware of the affects of medication as far as future jobs choices and the effects of being on a mood changing drug.

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