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Math Makover

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A middle school in Braintree, Mass., that was identified for corrective action under NCLB last year has put itself on the road to "good standing" in part by making wholesale changes to its math curriculum, according to an article in The Boston Globe. Among other changes, students are now grouped according to their math scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam (rather than by parental preference), and special education teachers work side-by-side with the math instructors. In addition, teachers have taken to color-coding algebriac equations—"It helps you remember the steps," said one 8th grader—and use a software program to analyze where students need help most on tests. Oh, yeah, and some students now have math a lot—as many as three times a day.

1 Comment

I am loving this article about the math scores. We are trying to do the same thing in Maryland, to improve math scores. Can someone please give me more insight on how they got this ball started, because I know that we have a up hill battle going on. And if you know that one state has found an answer, then why not share so that we all can reach the same heights and be on one accord.

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