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Appreciating Teachers


According to the National Education Association, the details around the origins of National Teacher Appreciation Day are “murky.” It appears to date back to 1944 when Arkansas teacher Mattye Whyte Woodridge began a letter writing campaign to petition political and education leaders for a national day to honor educators. Eleanor Roosevelt received one of those letters and the rest, as they say, is history.

This year, with their theme “Great Teachers Make Great Public Schools,” the National Education Association draws attention to the role teachers play in ensuring that every child receives a quality public education, according to its Web site. Meanwhile, the Parent Teacher Association and the NEA have co- sponsored the Nation's Largest Teacher Thank-You Card Project. The 8-foot-tall, 50-foot-long mural, to be signed by thousands, will be unveiled next year, location to be determined.

What is the one gift that teachers polled by the NEA last year said would make them feel most appreciated? Close to one-half said a “thank you” would suffice.


How about "Great Teachers Make Great Schools."

Omit the advertising.

I believe that "great" is not strong enough for my expectation of public schools. We should train teachers to exemplify excellence in all aspects of the educational setting. With the shortage of educators, teachers are entering classrooms ill-prepared to instruct today's children. School divisions are so desperate that they take any "warm, breathing, adult body" and stand it before a class of inquisitive, not well-behaved children, and expect a quality education to magically appear. A science major, without educational methods classes, does not a science teacher make. No reputable science lab would blindly hire a science teacher without checking to make sure that person is not only qualified but eqipped with the necessary skills to do indepth investigation. "Excellent teachers create excellent public schools would be an awesome slogan. After all, if we shoot for the moon and get caught on a star, we'll still be hanging high.

Even though teachers love their students and are like surrogate parents to each of them, I think the best way for teachers to be appreciated is to pay us what were worth$$$$$$ We are social workers, nurses, counselors, mentors,and parents. We have to cut through a lot of tough issues with each child before we can even begin to teach them anything. Teachers prepare our future people of the world. Think of what children would turn out like without school??? We are the only guidance some of them get. Doctors have hard jobs, so do lawyers. Teaching is a hard job too and we've paid as much for our education as any other professional, but thats another story,.... so pay us what we are worth!!!

Thank you Adanna!

The best gift to give a teacher is pay worth the effort. We are one of a few countries in the world that expect a teacher to do it all and more without the respect and pay that many other nations give to their educators.

Where would the doctors and lawyers be without teachers? Bless the many who have come before us and will come after us. Because teachers are the ones creating the leaders of today and tomorrow. Teachers are creating the future teachers...

I must agree with the other posts. Where in any other profession is a person paid so little for so much education. I teach in South Carolina and my salary is 32,000 a year with a Master's degree. The thank you's are great, seeing light bulbs go on for a student is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, but receiving pay for the work we do would be a much better thank you. Pay me for the job I do.

I am in agreement with the previous postings It is a team approach the school can not do it alone! Hugs are wonderful, the light switching on is thrilling and thank yous are fantasitic but, my bill collectors would be most grateful if my income could at least keep up with inflation. For the past 3-5 years, teachers here in Flagstaff, AZ have endured raises of 1 & 2% while inflation rises at 5-10 times that amount. I am not asking to become rich teaching, that's not why I entered the profession. But being able to pay my bills and eat steak just once in a while would be very nice. A great deal of teachers find it necessary to work two jobs in order to make ends meet and that should not be the case since most of us already work the equivalency of two jobs just to do our teaching job. Frankly, as a Special Education teacher, I am getting tired of working until 6 every night and then coming in on weekends to keep up with the demands of the job. This profession continues to lose great teachers and potential teachers due to the low pay and lack of respect.
Great parent support also plays a major part in the success of a school. I am fortunate to be working at a school where the PTO goes to great effort each year and throughout the year to demonstrate their appreciation, but that is not the case for all teachers. Here in Flagstaff the beaurocrats like to tell us, "yes, but you have the view," when the subject of earnings come up. I've got news for any of them that might read this...THE VIEW IS BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING, BUT IT DOES NOT PAY THE BILLS! And so in closing, if you can read this, thank a teacher!

I also teach, and yes, thank yous are pretty scarce from students, parents and administration. So hearing that a bit more often would be nice. But yes, I also have a masters and make 35k a year, which allows me to live in a 400 sq ft. room after bills.

Funny how we throw money at athletes, guys who rap about sex and violence, and people on reality shows but being an educator is synonomous with someone who cant achieve anything else. Sad.

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