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Many students seem to forget that terms like “LOL” (Laugh out loud) and “ROTFL” (Rolling on the floor laughing) don’t belong in academic assignments. In fact, nearly two-thirds of 700 students surveyed in a recent study said their e-communication style sometimes finds its way into their schoolwork, according to the New York Times.

Students said they sometimes omit proper punctuation and capitalization, use text shortcuts, and emoticons, according to the study. But while schools seek to assimilate new modes of writing, some experts see it as a non-issue.

“I think this is not a worrying issue at all,” said Richard Sterling, emeritus executive director of the National Writing Project, who views students’ e-communication as an opportunity to discuss proper usages of English.

Most of the students in the survey didn’t view their e-language as “real writing,” but Sterling makes this prediction: “As the English language evolves, some e-mail conventions … may well become accepted practice.”


Let's hope not.

I certainly hope he is wrong. I have seen a steady decline (particularly over the last 5 years in my school)in the quality of student writing in general. This acceptance would only contribute to a further decline.

As a teacher of 7th & 8th grade Communication Arts, I see a great decline in students' writing skills. But what bothers me more is the decline in students in the upper grades code of ethics. My foster son and his friends sees nothing wrong with exchanging test info via texting, nor do they see anything wrong with making up research citations for research papers--they tell me everyone does it. and so far, their college writing instructor has not called any of them on it through two semesters of College Writing. I have taught my son better, but I'm told that I'm "old school," and to get with the times. I well remember being rebellious as I'm a "child of the '60s" and Bob Dylan was and still is one of my heroes, but I would never have considered cheating. My foster son's friends are sons and daughters of teachers and administrators and I know that they also have been taught differently--is this just a phase?--I'm new at this parenting game and need all the help I can get.

The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

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