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Teacher Voices from the DNC

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As Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama takes the podium Thursday night to end his party’s national convention, many in the audience will be educators. According to the monthly magazine The American Prospect, about one in ten delegates on the convention floor are members of teachers’ unions. Among the teachers are Dorian De Long, Monica Jurado Stonier, and retiree Marjorie Clark, who have been blogging about their experiences in Denver. Their convention commentary isn’t all politics – the posts cover everything from celebrity sightings to special interest swag.

De Long is using his blog as a tool to educate his high school social studies students in Arvada, Colo., according to Channel 9 News in Denver. "I really wanted to show them that they can make a difference," De Long told the local television station.

As the DNC comes to a close, the Republican National Convention begins Monday in Minneapolis—St. Paul, Minn. The schedule includes an appearance by National Education Association Executive Director John Wilson at the Education Forum on 21st Century Skills, which the NEA is co-sponsoring.

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There is no way I can support John McCain or the Republican party. There was a time, not so long ago, where I seriously considered that. Not anymore. The GOP had made of mess of this country and caused us alienation from much of the world. Four more years of this? Good grief, our democracy will never survive it!
And hearing some of the comments about public school teachers and public schools, straight from John McCain's mouth gives me cold chills.

I'm not crazy about "teachers unions," either. Sometimes I think they delve into areas they have no business delving into, but doctors have the AMA, lawyers have the bar association. What is wrong with teachers having an organization that advocates for them?

A common belief, among the McCain types, is that teachers "unions" protect bad teachers. That's a misconception, I believe, but there are times I wonder myself.

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