The Arts: One More Victim of Common Core Testing - Part 1

The arts are important part of education and unfortunately the kids have been losing them. Read part 1 of this 3 part series by Dr. Douglas Green to learn about the issue and how we can solve it.

Use Whole Novels to Teach Lit to the Whole Class

It's time to consider putting kids in charge of the literature discussion and Ariel Sacks provides excellent advice on how to do it. And this advice doesn't have to be just for English teachers, any teacher looking to enhance the reading experience for students should check it out.

5 Ways We Can Improve Professionalism in Our Students

People asked about non-academic skills that are often mixed up in assessing achievement. Consider the following tips when helping students learn about punctuality, organization, time management and creativity.

Using a Rubric Does NOT Ensure Student Learning

Do you use rubrics? How effective are they? Read on to learn how to develop rubrics that can be useful to students if they are going to be used.

Summer ... We're Supposed to Have Time Off?

Teaching is easy, you get the summers off; or do we? Almost no teach I know gets his/her summer to him/herself. Here's a glimpse into the reality.

School Dreams in July?

How do we combat the summer malaise that can impede a strong start to the school year? We plan.

Pregnant Pauses and Other In-between Spaces (My Love Affair With the Semicolon)

We all have our challenges, but they don't have to strangle our hope. Those of us who struggle with depression or anxiety have daily situations that sometime make progress feel impossible. This is a success story, to help show that no problem is insurmountable.

Math Class: The Champ at Slowing Down the Fast Learners

The only way to close achievement gaps is to slow down the fast learners, Doug Green writes in a guest post.

Professional Learning From Coast To Coast

If you're curious about Edcamps, take a chance and participate in one close to where you live.

Writing a Non-Grading Policy for Your School

It's time to take the no-grades policy school wide, are you ready? Read on to see the plan.

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