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Start your new year with a new #oneword that will chart the course for the future. What will your #oneword be for 2016? Mine is metamorphosis.

What is your one big goal for this year? How will you accomplish it? Please share

What were your top moments of 2015? Please share; I'd love to celebrate with you

It's time to make change in education and we must start with assessment. Let's consider a change in the traditional grading system and empower students to focus on learning. Check out these 5 posts that suggest just how we can do that.

Before you get to the relaxation of vacation, how can you make the most of your remaining days at school? Read on to find out some suggestions.

Providing feedback is in fact an art and we can scaffold the process to make kids better at it, using technology or without. How do you help students provide better feedback? Read on to find out how I teach students to do it better.

Practicing non-judgment of our humanness is a necessity as an educator, it functions both as a model of how students can do it for themselves and as a reality check for our normal lack of perfection. Read on to find out how to be gentler with yourself.

"I have no doubt that some kids who take ADHD drugs will suffer from side effects. If education is a sport, it's time to clean it up. Stop giving drugs to kids who can't sit still. Teachers need to create classrooms where kids can stand and move about so that they don't stick out as kids who can't sit still." Read on to see what guest writer Dr Douglas Green has to say about medication in education.

Coming upon the concluding paragraph can be daunting and perhaps the easy thing to do is summarize what you've said to do a little recap for the reader. You think you're doing them a service, but you aren't. Read on to help students end essays in a more meaningful way

Truly artful analysis takes a good deal of practice to master. Offer students many steps to show they know how to do it. Start with a visual. Ask them what they notice. Then ask them to write about it. Move to a movie and do the same or an advertisement of a primary document or mathematical equation. The more practice students get, the more adept they will become at doing it.

Writing fully developed body paragraphs helps students to communicate their ideas thoroughly. Slowing the process down to help students take the task in pieces will ensure their best work. Read on to see how and stay tuned for the next piece about summarizing versus analyzing coming soon.

Read the first part in a mini-series about crafting literature analysis papers. This post specifically addresses writing engaging and thoughtful introductory paragraphs that move away from mere summary and embrace the writer's voice.

This voice is the important and knowledgeable built-in device we all have that helps us recognize danger or aids in making quick decisions.

Norming expectations around student learning is essential to being able to take data and use it on a bigger level to ensure progress as a school. If all stakeholders understand what success looks like and we have examples to point students and teachers too, the outcome can only be better


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