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Compliments may be hard to take even when they are true, but sharing knowledge with humility is necessary when learning the ropes of a new job. I have so much to learn. What can you share?

This is the story of how this one project came to be and how it continues to create change in our little corner of the world... and beyond.

Eager to meet my new colleagues and learn about the school culture, I'm diving head first into my new position. Instead of fearing what is beyond the title, I'm embracing it.

So as I run into this new position, I do it with the same vigor and excitement I did for teaching. Eager to make a good impression and do right by the teachers and students I will be working with and really help to participate in the change in my new school community.

Spending time in the mountains and taking a road trip across the country was just what I needed to clear my head and prepare for year number 17 in education. What did you do this summer to power down in order to gear back up for a great new school year?

Guest post by Dr. Joe Mazza *Disclaimer: This article is not aimed to discount the work moms, grandmoms and other female role models have done and continue to do as it relates to parenting and family-community engagement, but to inspire dads to STEP UP and work to level the playing field in the best interest of kids. I am constantly in awe of what the mother of my children does to help our children grow each day. She is our wonder woman. Historically speaking, PTA (aka Parent-Teachers Association) is a moms and strollers kind of thing. There are a few ...

There are plenty of times throughout the school year when the stress can become unbearable. If we create rituals that help with routines and stress, the better able we will be to cope with the challenges as they arise.

Read how Dr Robert Dillon builds ties with the community to enhance real, authentic learning experiences.

Education is at a pivotal point right now and too often, educators make excuses for why change isn't happening as it needs to be. More teachers need to step into leadership positions to share their unique expertise and experience.


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