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Boosting Student Achievement


The August/September issue of Teacher explores the ways schools and teachers today are working to boost student achievement. From a language arts program that mixes poetry recitation with basketball, to a high-minority arts school that has implemented a college-prep curriculum for all students, to advice from peers and a former Teacher of the Year, the issue includes plenty of ideas on ways to improve student engagement and performance.

Now we'd like to hear from you. What strategies have worked for you in improving student achievement? What challenges do you face in the classroom? How can schools best help students reach their potential?


My name is Sarah Bunch and I am currently a junior in the elementary education program at York College. Recently, my summer course was asked to investigate an educational children’s website and write a brief summary about it to share with our peers. While I was exploring a website about Harriet Tubman, I realized that this website would be a useful resource for all of the hopeful elementary school teachers in my class. I decided to make a copy of the website address for each of my classmates and laminate the small strip of paper. I then hot glued a magnet onto the back of the paper and passed them out. When I made these strips of paper for my peers, I did it with the intention of sharing an original idea I had for my future classroom. Once my classmates received the paper, I discussed my idea of creating a “web corner” in their classrooms. This would be an area of the room in which suitable websites, found by the students, would be located. Any time a student discovers a website they find interesting, they must run it by the teacher. After exploring the website independently, the teacher will decide whether the site is appropriate for the other students to view. Upon this decision, the teacher would type the website address on a strip of paper, laminate it, and glue a magnet onto the back. These sites could then be taken down by the students and brought to the computers to view the site on the paper. I believe this practice would be extremely beneficial in the ongoing battle of finding interactive, credible websites for children to benefit from. While this is merely an idea, I thought it would be useful to any teachers who are struggling with Internet usage in the classroom.

I would like to express my gratitude to Sarah for creating an astonishing teaching strategy that would benefit the students as they research information. I plan to implement this strategy when I conduct trainings for teachers and teacher assistants. The teaching staff would appreciate websites to explore when they need an idea about a specific theme or concept.

I appreciate Sarah for sharing her teaching strategy. Sarah continue to use your creative mind in education. It takes creativity, passion, perseverence, tolerance, and most of all - love, in order to make a difference in a child's life.

We have recently introduced an exciting and innovative new product to the UK schools market. Several schools and colleges have already started to use Magic Whiteboard to increase the interaction of pupils during group work. It sticks to walls and glass using static - so you don't need Bluetac or tape. It also doesn't mark the walls.

We are the only company in the UK selling Magic Whiteboard.

We will be demonstrating our product at World of Learning event at the NEC 14-15 November 2006 - stand A60.

Magic Whiteboard has been entered in the Learning Innovation of the Year category sponsored by Promethean.

It will transform the experience of your pupils and teachers and improve outcomes and results of any group work.

So why is "Magic Whiteboard" different?

It allows you to create a whiteboard from a roll anywhere, in seconds. It's perfect for group work in classes. It encourages students to interact with each other and contribute more.

Key Features and Benefits

Magic - Sticks to any hard flat surface (using static), plain paper also sticks to it without the need for tape, bluetac or glue. Teams can quickly and easily fold it up and take the sheets away with them.

No marks - are left on walls. It's simple, cheap, clean and leaves no mess.

Erasable/Reusable - write on it using dry white markers, wipe clean, use it again. It provides a cheaper alternative to flipcharts and is reusable.

Multipurpose - use in classes, training events, for presentations and for team meetings. Any team will find this indispensable.

Portable and lightweight - perfect for training and conference events. Everyone will be impressed. You don't need to use a flipchart stand to show your work. Office based staff, Management consultants, architects, designers, teachers/lecturers, trainers and service improvement teams will find this saves them valuable time and effort.

It comes on a 20 metre roll (25 perforated sheets) and costs only £14.50 per roll plus postage & packaging and VAT.

More information, special offers and photos are available at www.magicwhiteboard.co.uk

I test my students using timed running records. They should be able to read a grade level text at the rate of 100 words per minute with 95% accuracy. Those students who do not achieve this are pulled into small groups for daily fluency training with repeated readings. I am really impressed with the results. My low level students are beginning to catch up with their peers in reading.

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