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Whom Do You Trust?


This week, the Kern High School District school board in Bakersfield, California, voted to display the motto "In God We Trust" in classrooms and school offices. Supporters say the motto is relevant to civic lessons, citing the link between the foundation of the U.S. government and the belief in God-given rights. Opponents argue the motto has religious connotations and does not have a place in a public school.

As a teacher, how would you feel about a school board governing what hangs on your classroom walls? Specifically, how would you feel about "In God We Trust" hanging in your classroom? Do the words raise First Amendment or cultural-sensitivity issues? How would you frame a discussion with your class about the motto?


Man needs to beleive in somebody who gives him/her something, and man thanks to him or her. We have many given properties such as body, mind, hearth etc. Who gave us these gifts? And why was given? Of course somebody argue that no God. Ok, If God non exist then how we explain all universe design? Is this a result of casualness or incidence?

So, please leave us alone with God. We have in contemporary depression. Those who do not want to beleive in God, He/She is on his way.

Respecting to "In God we Trust", in this country, we have many celebration days which reminds us our values. We will arrive to Thanksgiving Day. Do you imaine ths day? Please could you imagine to reverse. What we tell to our children about our values?

Please leave us alone with God.

Best regards,
Bestami Ciftci
From Turkey

This will never stand up in court, anyway, and I feel pretty sure it will make an excellent target for the ACLU. If you can't display the 10 commandments in a courthouse, you can't have God looming over children in a public classroom. And, really, what was the point? A civics lesson? Please. Does the school board have nothing better to do with their time, money, and energy?

I would use this as a class prompt to discuss the First Amendment, the idiocy of school boards, and the importance of independent intellectual thought.

The school board can say what they want. If this is my classroom then it may find its way to being displayed in a closet or behind a map or the overhead screen. It might even end up as the subject of a discussion on civil rights and the right to freedom of religion. Teachers who are not god-fearing have the right to teach the curriculum in our own way, without the help of god, goddess, or the school board. I personally don't need ths kind of debacle in my classes. For pity's sake leave it alone.


Quite frankly I think a school board that feels the urgency to put up a sign in the school that says, "In God We Trust" is probably a school board that wants the community to turn to God and forget about what this school board is doing. "In this school board we trust" might be more appropriate for the community to know their schools are in good hands. Not that I don't believe in God, it's just that I think prayer is private, and we don't really need to advertize God just like we do Lipitor or Progresso Soup.

School boards should not dictate what curricular material hangs on teachers' walls. Period.

I believe in God but I have a problem with a school board dictating what should be hung in a classroom. If you love the Lord people will see it in the way you act and treat them. But if it is posted maybe Americans will turn the hearts back to God and not to the material things in this world. At this point we are out of control with no morals or responsibilities being taught to the next generation. Children are medicated instead of corrected. No accountability in this society due to someone elses fault.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that in the Declaration of Independence it stated that people in this country were granted inaleinable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by a creator. So, if you want to argue that you have the right to not believe in a creator where would this right come from in our system of government. Yes, I do believe the Declaration of Independence is as legally binding of a document as the Constitution.

Absolutely ridiculous! No school board should dictate to classroom teachers what should/should not be displayed on the walls of said teacher's rooms. Teachers already have so many impediments placed in front of them in attempting to educate today's youngsters, we certainly do not need or want a school board involving itself in such a manner. Everyone knows what Mark Twain said about school boards, so that applies now more than ever...

In God we trust is on our money, though the truth is that many people trust in money more than God. As an AMERICAN motto, it deserves to be in American classrooms, just as the American flag is.

It's an interesting paradox. First, the school board and other entities already dictate things on our walls--every classroom has a fire escape plan, a tornado drill, and nowadays, an multi-layered intruder plan--so this is nothing new. We also have agencies within the schools which place "highly suggested" but not required things on our walls--I am just now looking a copy of our State Reading Standards which wouldn't be there if I had my way. I think to imagine that this doesn't already happen is false. Why is it that we can be asked to place anything on our walls so long as it doesn't have some protestant religious connotation? If you wish to teach a lesson about the abuse of the 1st amendment--explain what it protects everyone's rights except the protestant Christian. My classroom walls are covered with many "moral" slogans--"You are responsible for your own actions" or "What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular" and many others. How long before someone finds offense in those statements and invokes their 1st amendment rights? Do you see the paradox?

It appears to be a few people trying to push their agenda on the rest of us.

Saying the motto has no/little religious connotation is to diminish God. That is very objectionable to many of us.

Saying the motto has religious connotation makes it pushing religion, of one brand. That is very objectionable to many of us.

If putting up religious references in a classroom were to create good citizens; we would find the students of schools with such mottos (primarily religious schools) to be uniformly good, flawless citizens. This is not the case. At least no more than other schools.

I respect your right to your religion. They should respect my right to my religion or no religion.

In the name of studying "history", should we put pictures on the walls of the crusades when the Christians slaughtered 1,000’s of Muslims because they would not convert; and, label the pictures as to the content on ALL classrooms? Think not, that would be bashing a religion, something schools should not do.

In American History Classroom, with a discussion as to the meaning (or lack thereof) as decided by the United States Supreme Court; it would be most appropriate.

So far this country has held fast to the separation of church and state. Let us not cross over this line in our public schools. I would like to think of the schools as models of secularism and rich academic learning, especially considering that science trumps religious beliefs in almost every contest. Students should instead learn to trust the truth, themselves, each other and what is fair and right.

I see nothing wrong with putting "In God We Trust" on the walls of our classrooms. However this will not put God in or out of our students lives. A well educated person needs to know about the Christian God, and other religions to understand people and their cultures, especially since ours is, or is supposed to be, guided by christian ethics. What is wrong is not dealing with the true needs of our students.

I would love to have a banner exclaiming to my students our heritage of "In God We Trust." Our country was founded on this principle. The ethics founded in the 10 commandments are the ethics we appreciate in our homes and in our neighborhoods. Many of our laws are based on the principles set forth in the 10 commandments. Why let this generation slip away from what is good and just in our country.

Why not a poster reciting the account of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedniggo?
They were commanded to bow down and give reverence to a Babylonian God. However, they refused because of their own deeply held monotheistic belief that 'exclusive devotion belongs to God'. Another can of worms?

Consider for a moment where you all reside and WHY you have the freedom that you do have. Next, consider HOW this country came to be founded. It was those who fought for the freedom of this country and their families who REQUESTED that it be printed on the coins so that the soldiers had something to remind them of their faith and why they were fighting a bloody what must've been a hard war to fight, knowing that you had family and friends fighting for the other side. Should we merely sweep the history of this country under a rug and reduce our traditions... our AMERICAN traditions... and forget about how this country came to be? It is those of us who honour our forefathers, who honour our country, and how we came to be... AMERICANS. Now consider this... tradition has held for hundreds of years. Why should we have to change our ways and be stopped from pledging our allegiance as it was written and adopted? If you don't want to participate, don't. When in Rome, do as the Romans do... When in America, do as Americans. Finally, as per the CIA - The World Factbook -- United States, "Religions: Protestant 52%, Roman Catholic 24%, Mormon 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 1%, other 10%, none 10% (2002 est.)" Retrieved 1/28/2008 from https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/print/us.html
Does the majority not still rule????

In God we trust should be hung in the classroom the same way the flag is displayed. It is an American motto.
Judith mentioned the separation of church and state. Are you aware this is NOWHERE in any offical document? It was taken from a letter written by T. Jefferson.
The founding fathers were desirous of a place where God could be worshipped as dictated by ones own beliefs...that the government couldn't tell you HOW to worship.
Since God has been taken out of our schools look what has happened:

Families are breaking down
1000% increase in teen pregancy
School shootings
Kids that come out of school incapable of reading, writing or ACTING like adults
A sense of entitlement by our children, that society owes them

All those who oppose God in the classroom take a look around. Compare a private Christian school to just about any "middle-road" public school. There is no comparison in either quality of work, character building or behavior.
Of course there will always be some who will behave badly, but this does not mean that God has failed.

In God I trust!

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