When an employer begins the interview with "tell me about yourself," be ready to impress them with a 30 to 60 second branding statement that includes four important components.

Ten interview tips to help you land that teaching job.

A rewarding career in education begins with self-fulfillment; it is important for educators to periodically assess their current role and level of job/personal satisfaction. These twelve questions will help educators/future educators evaluate or re-evaluate their current position, and also offer sample related career options to consider.

Candidates that present self-confidence gain an edge in the interview process. Don't overlook this critical element as you prepare for the job search.

There's much more going on in a teaching interview than a candidate responding to typical interview questions. Learn how to look for and understand some of the spoken and unspoken cues that represent critical issues one should be aware of before accepting a contract.

Special education teachers should ask themselves and their prospective employer several key questions to determine if the job will be a good fit.

While it might be tempting to do, never round your GPA on your resume or other applications documents. Employers trust teachers and teacher candidates to be honest and ethical; don't risk being ruled out because you've stretched your GPA beyond its actual value.

A person's chronological age is simply a number, which is never 100% good or bad when it comes to searching for a teaching job. Rather than worry about your age factor (young or old), concentrate instead on all of the strengths and skills you possess and work hard to make these clear in your application materials so that school administrators will want to meet you to learn more.

Maintaining a journal of your student teaching experiences - good and bad - will allow you to reflect upon those experiences, and to grow as an educator.

Tips and advice regarding what student teachers should do during their placement/s, as well as what not to do to put their best foot forward.




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