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September 19, 2011

Do your own research

While struggling to decide what to write about this week, an email came across my computer. So, as opposed to a list of tips, I am going to tell you a bit of a story and then some advice. Let's backtrack. I am organizing a career night for education students this October. Part of my job is to ma...

September 08, 2011

Creating a Strategy

Oftentimes candidates, especially in this tight job market, come to me for advice on how to conduct their job search. They find themselves staring at the computer and realize they don't know where to begin, they feel overwhelmed or they use the same job site over and over. What they don't realize...

August 31, 2011

Ramp UP Your Search!

Tomorrow is September 1st. In many parts of the country school has started or is just about to start. This is the time of the year that many unemployed teaching candidates feel despondent; that there is no chance for a job. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Many schools find themselves in need of last minute te...

July 27, 2011

What Makes a Good Teacher?

Melissa, an Upward Bound student, has been helping out in the Career Center for the past six weeks. She graduated from high school in June and took some concurrent enrollment classes at Dixie State College. She is considering secondary education as a career. This choice is based on a positive experi...

July 15, 2011

Take Some Time for Reading

Every classroom teacher needs to read. Although many schools require teachers to adhere to prescribed curriculum, in many cases there is room for some teacher-selected literature. The classics are always a good choice; however, that does not mean teachers have to ignore popular fiction/non-fiction e...

January 07, 2011

Let's Talk, Readers!

A new year, for many of us, signifies renewal or new projects. For me personally, I'll tackle organizing the garage and shedding some unwanted holiday pounds. AAEE bloggers would like to begin this bright new year with an invitation to you. The American Association for Education in Employment has ...

April 10, 2008

Can’t Come to the Office? Email!

My title is “online advisor." The role is one that is still relatively unique, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity. Since most of our student teachers and alumni are NEVER on campus, we had to think of a way to bring our services to them. I advise education clients via a special email addre...

April 02, 2007

Career Resource Room

Jane asked about setting up a career resource room in her high school. Dawn Jones (Northern Illinois University) writes: Is your concern about a) selecting materials for a career resource room, or b) securing space for a resource room? As a school counselor, if you belong to the American School C...

December 20, 2006

Getting to Know You

To the reader who commented anonymously on the difficulty of getting administration positions. You are correct in many items you bring out in your posting. It''s so true that grades, GPAs, etc. etc. do not guarantee employment in education or in educational administration. It sounds like you were...

December 12, 2006

To our Ed Admin friend

I want to respond to the commenter who wrote that she is losing hope of ever landing an ed admin. postition. It's tough to hear the discouragement after your posting. However, I have a few ideas I'd like to run past you. First of all, is it absolutely necessary to stay in the same district? In mos...

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