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November 30, 2016

Teacher Preparation is Evolving

Recently, Louisiana's state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted teacher preparation policies that provide a yearlong residency for all aspiring teachers. These policies will take effect for all preservice teachers in the fall of 2018, but Monroe City Schools is not waiting until then to get involved.

November 22, 2016

Professional Reflections of a Mentor Teacher

Imagine you learn that a loved one is in dire need of an emergency, life-saving surgery. Think of the flood of emotions, anxiety, and concerns you would immediately feel. Now imagine discovering that the doctor slated to perform the operation was in her first year of practice.

August 23, 2016

Plan B: Career Alternatives to Teaching

Most individuals who pursue a degree in teaching can identify exactly what motivates them to become a teacher. There tends to be a passion for education, desire to help others, and/or a commitment to impacting the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, my work with teachers has always been so inspiring to me. When I ask about their teaching experiences, they absolutely light up speaking about the students they have impacted, challenges they've helped them overcome, or a creative lesson that really connected with their class. It's incredibly inspiring to see these new teachers so on fire for their future career!

March 08, 2016

Peyton Manning Just Retired... What does that Mean for Education?

School districts should approach talent acquisition like professional sports approaches drafting professional athletes.

February 05, 2015

Considering a Career Change

Suggestions for a long-term classroom educator pondering a career change.

September 22, 2014

Transitioning from K-12 to Higher Education

Q: I would like to find work in student support services at the college level but only have high school experience.  Any ideas to help me get past the screening application process?Thank you,Nancy A: Nancy, To make this type of transition, a good place to begin might be with volunteering to work w...

November 10, 2013

Transferring Teacher Skills: Getting Started

In today's world it is important to be flexible and adaptable.  You never know when you may need to look for a job outside of teaching.  For instance, what if you are geography-bound to a certain area and there is a hiring freeze or budget cuts force your school district to decrease the number of ...

August 06, 2013

What Now?

As summer comes to a close, many schools begin new teacher orientation, teacher workshops, and professional development activities before the start of school. Maybe you are one of those new teachers anxiously awaiting your orientation and the start of the school year. Or, perhaps you've yet to recei...

May 08, 2012

How to Turn Private Sector Experience into a K-12 Career

Question: "I recently was laid off from my job as a Buyer (Capital) ... and now I plan to make a career change. I'd like to get into education, but on the business/administrative side. Please let me know if you have some advice about certifications or education that I could obtain to qualify me fo...

April 09, 2012

Tips on Pursuing Employment in Human Resources

A reader recently asked: "I am interested in changing careers and getting into human resources [within the field of education]. I have a master's degree in Education with a concentration in Adult Education and Training. How do you get into this industry?" If you have an interest in Human Resource...

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