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Q: "I am returning to work after taking time off to raise my family. I have a Masters in Finance, with ten years of residential and commercial finance. I also have a Masters in Curriculum and Education. My teaching experience has been in challenged urban areas. I am looking for a position in education that can be a stepping stone to an administrative position. My question is, where is a good place to start, and at what level? Do I apply for administrative/clerical positions? How does one reenter?" A: You may want to look at two alternatives. If you ...

Q: I have a law degree and worked in the legal field for 5 years. I recently completed my masters in Educational Leadership because of my love for education but now I feel lost because I am unsure of the approach to take, in using these two areas of expertise. I would love to work in Education but have not been successful in identifying the area that would be best suited for me. Please advise. A: I teach a monthly on-line Job Search Seminar for perspective and practicing administrators. The very first issue we deal with is creating career goals ...


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