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August 03, 2015

Talent Managers' Role in Preventing Violence Against Teachers

How does your organization deal with workplace violence? Do employees feel safe, secure, and valued?

October 31, 2013

Cultural Zombies and Vampires, Oh My!

Vampires and zombies could be present in your organization even when it's not Halloween. Learn about who they are and how they could be sucking the life out of your culture and super star contributors!

August 22, 2012

PDK/Gallup Poll Offers Glimpse into Americans Views of Public Education

Seventy-one percent of Americans have "trust and confidence" in our country's public school teachers, 48 percent would give the public schools in their community an A or B, and three of four people in the country believe the Common Core State Standards will provide more consistency in the quality of...

June 28, 2012

Harassment is Not a LOL Matter

This article originally appeared in the May/June/July 2012 American Association of School Personnel Administrators Best Practices Magazine, "Legal Issues Within HR: Keeping Yourself Up To Date". Reprinted with permission. In today's high-tech world, it is easier than ever for people to stay connect...

April 20, 2012

What Does Case Law Say About Harassment and Bullying?

I have gotten several questions lately about harassment and bullying in the workplace. Some think of bullying and harassment as synonymous, but there are actually some key differences. Actions are considered "harassment" when they call out an individual's protected class. More specifically, the U....

February 27, 2012

Tragedy at Ohio High School Reinforces Lessons on Workplace Violence

Ten days ago, I published a blog on workplace violence after reading about a shooting in Long Beach, California between two employees at the local Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. My intent was not to scare readers, but instead raise awareness that all organizations, particularly school...

February 27, 2012

When Playground Bullies Grow Up: How HR Can Help

Over the past decade, there has been a growing national focus on bullying in schools with several states and districts implementing policies to address violence, verbal abuse, and intimidation between students. Sadly, we've not yet ventured away from the playground to investigate another group of bu...





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