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October 21, 2013

National Save for Retirement Week

Did you know that this week (October 20th - 26th) is National Save for Retirement Week? I didn't, until surfing Twitter this morning! Learning of this campaign reminded me that on October 1, the Teacher Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) released its sec...

June 15, 2013

Employer Sponsored Insurance Dramatically Changing

While flipping through the latest HR Magazine, an infographic caught my eye. It related to a conversation I was having only yesterday on rising health insurance costs and the decline in the number of organizations offering employer sponsored insurance (known in the industry as ESI). According to a ...

May 31, 2013

Nominate An HR Game Changer!

Know someone under the age of 40, who serves others and is accomplished in human resources, talent management, or any workforce-related skill? If so, Workforce magazine is holding a Game Changers competition to honor the next generation of workplace leaders who are making their mark in the field of ...

June 04, 2012

The Balance: Benefit Costs and Job Loyalty

The cost of benefits is rising. We read about it in the newspaper. We hear it debated on television. Some of us see more being taking out of our paychecks every couple of weeks. But, what exactly does an increase in benefits costs mean for workers and organizations? As a human resources person with...

May 10, 2012

Great Teaching Should Be Recognized All Year!

I have written many posts on motivation and rewards in my tenure as an Education Week blogger. The basic principle behind any rewards program is recognizing a job well done, which is the mission behind Teacher Appreciation Week. May 7-11 educators, parents, students, and millions of other Americans ...

April 04, 2012

Rights Are Not Rewards

In my previous post, I discussed monetary and non-monetary rewards. One important take away from that piece is that while many people think non-monetary reward programs are cheaper or, at times, free, this is not always the case. Also, the best reward programs must be matched to the population you a...

December 06, 2011

What Makes Up Total Compensation?

Compensation in education is a highly debated topic in school districts and statehouses across the country. Some people argue that teachers are underpaid while others believe that educators make too much money. I am not going to pass judgment on that question in this post. But, whatever side of the ...





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