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August 04, 2012

WANTED: 'Irreplaceables'

On July 30, The New Teacher Project (TNTP) released a report called "The Irreplaceables," which looks at teachers who are "so successful they are nearly impossible to replace, but who too often vanish from schools as the result of neglect and inattention." The full report is available on TNTP's webs...

July 07, 2012

Capturing Tacit Knowledge of Teachers Is Critical

I've heard this conversation in past jobs, and I hear it working in school districts now: "(Enter employee's name) is just fantastic! What do we do if they leave? We will never be able to replace them!" Well, guess what--it's inevitable. People leave organizations. They retire. They are offered bett...

July 05, 2012

HR Skills Are In Demand

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently reported that there is a shortage of HR professionals. The news doesn't surprise me as more organizations and industries start to realize the importance of a highly skilled, strategic HR function. Many districts, for example, are hiring HR profe...

June 04, 2012

The Balance: Benefit Costs and Job Loyalty

The cost of benefits is rising. We read about it in the newspaper. We hear it debated on television. Some of us see more being taking out of our paychecks every couple of weeks. But, what exactly does an increase in benefits costs mean for workers and organizations? As a human resources person with...

May 25, 2012

Low Attrition: Positive or Negative For An Organization?

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Singapore to visit schools and learn about the country's education system. I took away some interesting insights from local education leaders around K-12 talent management and human capital. For example, I had a brief conversation with a Singaporean pri...

March 28, 2012

Monetary Vs. Non-monetary Rewards: Which Are More Attractive?

More and more districts are asking me about non-monetary awards. Why? There's a growing belief that not only would many educators prefer rewards other than cash, but that non-monetary awards are actually "free" or "cheaper" in comparison to bonuses. What are the differences between the two types o...

March 20, 2012

What (REALLY) Motivates People?

It is important for talent managers to examine and discuss the underlying motivational and incentive theories connected to human behavior, management, and leadership. For centuries, psychologists have observed humans to understand why they do the things they do. Human resource professionals often lo...

March 19, 2012

Are We Headed for A Teacher Shortage and Can We Fix It?

When I was growing up, my parents did everything they could to ensure I had a good education. They chose the places we lived in Ohio and Kentucky with the main goal of getting my siblings and I into great schools. My mom and dad also placed a strong focus on literature, math, science, technology, at...

March 07, 2012

MetLife Survey: 'Teachers Are Less Satisfied With Their Careers'

Today, MetLife released findings from their 2011 Survey of the American Teacher: Teachers, Parents and the Economy, which was conducted between October and November in partnership with Harris Interactive. It is the 28th version of the annual survey that reports on the satisfaction and perceptions of...

December 28, 2011

Finding A Balance: Work vs. Life

I'll never forget when I was a young child my father taking phone call after phone call to assist his customers during our family vacations. I also remember as a teenager my mother answering our home phone at 4 a.m. some mornings to help resolve disputes between her employees. At the time, I wondere...

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