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Good Behavior


So, the second week is over. I think that there are a couple of days out of the week that are just short. We have class in the morning, class in the afternoon and lunch in between. So over all we have about two or so hours in the classroom. Those days are hard because you have to go from student mode, to teacher mode, back to student mode. It's going to take some getting used to but I believe we will be ok!

As my fellow peers and I talked this week, we decided that these students have a lot of energy. I know that the grade I am teaching and a few of the others noticed how talkative the students are. We have a student, Bob (name changed), in our classroom who is in the special needs program. He is usually not that rowdy, just doesn't like to listen or do his work. When I walked in from one of my morning classes this week, he was sitting so quietly and paying attention so well! I was excited to see this. Normally he is lying on the floor, eating his glasses, or just looking around. Mrs. C and I started a behavior plan in our classroom where students can earn stickers for good behavior. When they reach so many stickers, they get prizes. Well, Bob didn't have any stickers yet and I was so impressed I told him that he was well on his way to getting a sticker. He sat through the rest of the reading block and participated in the discussion, which earned him a sticker! He looked at me at the end of the lesson and asked me if he got a sticker. Of course, he was excited too that he got a sticker. Bob is also one of our frequent recess students, but he didn't lose recess that day either.

This behavior plan is working for some and others it just doesn’t really matter what incentives you give them. They are going to do what they want, when they want. I am still trying to figure out how we can focus the students who are constantly talking and moving about the classroom. Maybe if I read a little more out of my EDEL book....


Glad to see that things are fairing much better this past week. Reward systems always work- it develops not only healthy competition, but it also helps the child learn to reach for a personal goal set.

Of course, Miss Mundy, you already knew that. Have fun with your third week and hope it goes just as well.

~Your Roomie and head of your personal cheerleading section

Hi Autumn,
I am happy to see you are enjoying your experiences. You will continue to notice more and more of what makes kids work and what they really could careless about. That is what teaching is all about. Just when you think something is working, it may need some adjusting. Keep up the great enthusiasm for these students! They need you!


Hi Autumn,
I am also a Junior in a program at Southwest Minnesota State University. I'll be keeping up with your journal because it's inspiring for others who are learning and experiencing many of the things you may be. It sounds like your university does things a little different than ours, but in the end we all have the same goal. I'm going to forward this to all my classmates, I'm sure some of them will find it helpful. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.


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