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Second Observation

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I just had my second observation. I think that the students are a little more comfortable with visitors in the classroom. They are still talkative and very active. The observation itself went ok. We did a lesson on magnets and the students enjoyed getting hands on to do the experience. There was one item that confused the kids but otherwise they understood the experiment. If they understood the concept I'm not just sure yet. I have to check the observation papers and give those to Mrs. C for a Science grade.

There are a couple of students who have sky high negative attitudes. I don't know what to do with them and they are disruptive in the fact that they won't do any work and balk at the idea of cooperating. I ordered a book last week and I have to get back to Muncie to pick it up. Hopefully, there will be some ideas in there.

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Hang in there. I have been teaching 25 years and I cannot believe that it has been that long. I taught ten of those years in what I would call a high-need population. It is difficult to get past some of that attitudes but when you do the kids begin to trust you and that is when you can make progress with them. Good Luck! I still love teaching after all these years....

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