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Week 5


At the end of this week, it has not been too bad. The weather has been cooler and then warmer, making it hard for the students and teachers to concentrate. Mrs. C has been a 'whiny girl' and not taken the kids out for recess because it has been so warm.

Back to School night went well. We had six families come to visit the classroom. It was very different to see the students in the classroom late in the evening. The parents, aunts and uncles seemed interested in what their child was doing during the day and they asked the children a lot of questions. Mrs. C brought up a couple test scores if the parents asked about them. There was some strategic talk about homework and getting reading scores higher. Other than that, people came in visited and left. That hour passed quickly.

Classes from BSU have been going ok. We have a lot of information that is given to us at class that makes sense because we have been in the classroom experiencing them first hand. I think that helps us understand more about what’s going on in our classes. It’s Friday and that is always a great day of the week!!


Autumn, I am writing the blog as a career-changer new teacher for Teacher Mag. I have often thought about whether or not my experience as a new teacher would have been different if I had gone to college to study teaching. After reading your entries, I think our experiences are very much the same. Especially the feelings that show through your postings - one day everything is GREAT, another day you need a nap!

I hope you're not always the one who has to stay in for recess, or the kids will always see you as the "bad kid" teacher.
Best wishes for your continued success.


I'm also writing a blog about my experiences as a student teacher. I am trying to keep a daily log of my thoughts and experiences in the classroom and with my mentor teachers so that I can look back the progression and changes in my own thoughts and behaviors ove the 15 weeks that I am there. I am learning the ropes in a large urban school on the southwest side of Chicago.
The process has been a fascinating one so far. I am going through an education graduate program and I feel that it has not done a very good job at preparing me for what teaching entails in urban environments. I wonder if you feel the same about your program and how many feel underprepared when they enter the classroom. My school, DePaul University, claims to be preparing urban multicultural educators, but in fact, there is very little discussion on what urban and multicultural means in the context of a big city like Chicago. And the administrators are impeccable at not accepting responsibility for their failures. I could go on.
Anyway, you can read my blog at:


Good luck to you in Indianapolis.
James Gray

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