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Full Day

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So I had my first full day of teaching today. Yeah, I've taught before but Mrs. C was still "in control" of the room. She could pick up on a subject and go with it. Today it was all me. She didn't say much and worked on a lot of stuff she needed to get done. I had a feeling last night that things were not going to go the best. It was kind of weird. When I got here (on time for me!) this morning I ran off the rest of my papers and got the blending words ready for reading. We were doing fine until a couple boys showed up who were going crazy. I tuned the one in to what we were doing but the other one was still out there in his own world. He stayed there most of the day.

I have a habit of speaking one word at a time when I get really stressed or when I'm trying my best to not yell. It gives me a chance to regroup and calm down. The students have figured out when and what I say when I do that. I noticed today a couple of them finishing the sentence for me. I guess I've become predictable. Need to work on changing that.

They are sooooooooooooooooo close to the prize line but I couldn't bear to give them a prize after all the talking and disruption this afternoon. So maybe tomorrow they can do better. During intervention, Mrs. C told me to go and decompress. I think that was her way of saying get out of here and unwind.

The only work I have left for classes is my unit plan, which I'm almost done with, and a math observation. I have to do my EDEL reflection but I have to find Dr. M first! The semester is almost over and I am looking forward to returning to campus. I miss my roommate and the socialization of campus. It's kind of like I've not been in school this semester. I know that I will miss being in the classroom as much as I have.

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Autumn, I am so glad I am not the only one this semester who has decided Urban teaching is my calling. For whatever reason, today seemed to drag on FOREVER! But at least we have one out of the three days done! As much as I have looked forward to the end of the semester for the past few weeks, I'm actually beginning to regret that it will soon be over. I know you have had a handful of a class, and I'm sure they compare very well to mine, but you will miss seeing them. Keep up the good work and remember that you will get through it all! Besides, your kids were doing pretty good in the hall today! (I appreciated your 1/4 cup measuring cup you were holding up for all to see!)

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