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Half Day

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Half Days are wonderful! Students leave and you get time to work on what needs to be done. Most of our cooperating teachers are taking an online course so we had free time.

Mrs. C could not talk very well today so I kind of took over the class! I enjoyed it because it lets the students see me as a teacher figure. I'm not the one who stands in the background giving looks. Reading went by very quickly actually. We did not get started on time and we read the whole story. I can easily pick up the basal the first day and read through it with the students because it tells you where and what questions to ask.

Family Fun Night is tomorrow.... that should be interesting! I have to put some final touches on things and everything should be ready for that. We have so many topics that are different. I hope that the families enjoy everything!

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I enjoyed reading your blog. It appears that you are in the land of the tested and tried. I have some words of encouragement. Keep your head up! The kids you see that are out of control are the product of their environment and poor parenting. You can't change what has been happening since their births. You do provide hope for those who aspire to become great citizens. You never kow where your influence will stop. So I tell you, "Keep your head up!" Not everybody can walk in your shoes. You are there for a purpose and your students must know that. You can't compare to Mrs. C but you have someting else to offer the kids just like Mrs. C. That is love, passion, encouragement, hope, praise, affirmation, recognition, inspiration, words of wisdom, and a voice in their classroom. Find out what makes them tick. evey child has a clock within them that make them think a certain way. Your job, should you accept it is to find out from each of them where their interest lies. Once you do that you will have and see a different class. This is why so many teachers remain in urban school settings for years and don't appear to be burned out or stressed. Understand you tolerance level. Find out how much you can handle and tolerate a little more. I have worked in an urban setting my whole career and I want to pass on to you what works for me. I am an assistant principal in the Orange County Public Schools Orlando, Florida). I meet teachers like you every year who has the desire but lack know how with irban students. Feel free to contact me about your concerns and I will continue to read your progress. Best wishes and you will make a difference in their lives.

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