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In wrapping up her conversation with Joe Nathan, Deborah Meier thinks through what the survival of political democracy will require of schools.

The single most important agreement is that schools in this country should have as one of their central goals: Helping young people develop skills and attitudes necessary to be active, constructive citizens of a democracy.

A school has a public responsibility whenever it accepts public funding. Here are seven dictates that should apply to such publicly funded schools.

Some suburban districts hire detectives and even take families to court, to keep out students, often low income and students of color, from nearby urban districts. I think this is awful. I found many status quo defenders (and I don't see you as one of them) who believe this is perfectly ok.

Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan discuss how schools can teach students about democracy.

Encouragement,inspiration,passion, perspective,challenge and controversy. That's what I think the four books offer that are suggested below.

Deborah Meier offers some ideas for educators and policymakers looking for books to inspire and inform this summer.

Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan respond to readers comments on the importance of advocating for arts in education, adding their own questions about why the arts aren't seen as a greater priority in schools.

Sometimes art and history come together in wonderful ways. That's what happened in these marvelous movies and a terrific musical that I saw recently. Although they described vastly different people, each illustrated art's immense ability to enrich our lives, and stir us as nothing else can.


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