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New research suggests students can learn material better by teaching it to virtual pupils.

Most students believe that allowing them to use their own mobile devices in school would improve the use of technology in schools.

We're proud to bring you video of the best of our sit-down interviews with our guests from Oct. 5. Included are chats with:

A new study crafts two model policies to help K-12 schools guard against student misuse of mobile devices such as cellphones and laptops.

A somewhat surprising study indicates children can not counteract the negative psychological effects of too much TV or computer time by being extra active when away from the screen.

Microsoft, the Smithsonian, and TakingITGlobal are teaming up to push teachers and students to use technology to tackle environmental challenges.

Sugata Mitra, a professor of education at Britain's Newcastle University, talks about how technology can facilitate a child-directed learning environment.

The association is calling for a dramatic shift in the structure of modern education to meet the digital needs of today's students.

A new survey released by the National School Boards Association tracks the trends and opinions of more than 200 ed-tech leaders.

The Wall Street Journal reports that many popular Facebook applications are sharing personal information and violating the site's privacy policy.

Technology to block sexting, an interactive cyberbullying website, and signs of IT recovery are topics in ed-tech as we head into the weekend.

We've seen some really good stories during the last several days concerning how students, teachers, and administrators behave online.

Many projects funded by the Next Generation Learning Challenges could reach across both spheres.

District technology chiefs will discuss the increasingly popular but still-divisive issue of allowing students to use their own mobile devices in school.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Monday announced the creation of a program that will provide grants to organizations to expand the reach of their education technology initiatives.

Attendees at the Education Week Digital Directions live event in Boston discussed the latest ed-tech topics over lunch.

The poll conducted by Zogby found that 92 percent of parents were either "somewhat" or "very" concerned about children sharing too much information on the Web.

The professional development discussion was one of several interesting threads during Tuesday's Digital Directions live event.

Check out our live video coverage of some of the highlights of our "Unleashing Technology to Personalize Learning" program.

The number of high-profile cyberbullying cases continues to grow. But why?

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