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Despite the growing popularity of smartphones among middle school students, survey results suggest there are limited opportunities to use the devices in classrooms.

A federally funded research project will attempt to build students' skill with fractions through an mobile application that allows them to manipulate information on screen, a test of a scientific theory of how people learn.

Data on graduation rates, postsecondary success, and the efficacy of teacher preparation programs are three important areas affected by the lack of collaboration.

Unlike massive open online courses, these virtual college courses plan to feature smaller groups of students and transferable college credit.

Thousands of Michigan students participated in a pilot program that administered an online version of the social studies portion of the state's standardized test.

A Texas district was targeted for putting in place a pilot program that tracks students via microchip-embedded ID cards.

New York will expand its iZone online learning platform to students who can't attend school, Superintendent Dennis Walcott announced Thursday.

The Manchester, N.H., school district is considering the use of online classes and blending learning programs to address overcrowding.

The decision comes two weeks after the school reform measure was nixed by voters on Election Day.

Digital tools can help tackle achievement challenges, financial constraints, the changing demographics of the teaching force, and the demand to keep up with technology, concludes a report from the Alliance for Excellent Education.

Committee members said the $17 million initiative would have taken money away from much-needed construction projects.

By guest blogger Gina Cairney In an effort to ensure all its students have the same opportunities for quality classroom instruction, Cumberland County (N.C.) schools are using technology to "bridge" together its classrooms to maximize good teaching, the Fayetteville Observer reports. With an interactive whiteboard, laptop, webcam, and conferencing software, teachers are able to interact with students anywhere in the district, and, according to the Observer, the school system can better meet federal requirement for having a certified teacher in each classroom. As more schools integrate technology into their classrooms, there have been some concerns about the technologies' effectiveness, ...

With the infrastructure for robust, longitudinal education data systems in place for most states, the Data Quality Campaign says the focus should now be on helping educators use the systems more effectively.

State education officials said the school isn't hiring enough workers to help serve its fast-growing enrollment of special needs students.

The former Apple executive, who served in the Obama administration for four years, plans to leave the job in 2013 after her replacement is chosen and put in place.

Ten of the 20 winners of the fiscal year 2012 competition were evaluated to have a significant focus on using technology in their application.

Current research on social media often excludes children under the age of nine, a report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center says.

Voters in Idaho repealed a set of education laws that would have established a statewide 1-to-1 laptop program for high schoolers and required online classes for graduation.

The Palm Beach school district in Florida and other districts around the country are taking creative approaches and seeking help from big technology companies such as Dell, Intel, and Microsoft.

Educators say the Internet and digital tools are helping improve students' research habits, but hurting their attention spans, according to two surveys.

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