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Edelman Ousted as Chicago's New-Schools Head

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Some surprising news for Chicagoans.

Joshua Edelman has been removed from his post as head of the Chicago public schools' new-schools office, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Edelman, who had led the office since 2007, has been replaced temporarily by his deputy, Jamie Guzman. School officials provided little explanation for the change, other than that CEO Ron Huberman plans to take leadership "in a new direction."

As head of the office of new schools, Edelman was in charge of the district's much-touted Renaissance 2010 program. Launched under then-CEO Arne Duncan, the program has closed low-performing schools and opened charter or charter-like schools in its place.

Duncan, now U.S. education secretary, has touted Renaissance 2010 as an example of the kind of efforts he wants school districts to make in his push to turn around the nation's lowest-performing schools.

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Now, why would someone be removed for doing such a great job? Possibility 1: The information i the press and what is being touted by Arne Duncun is untrue. Possibility 2: The Mayor of Chicago has a favor to repay and must have the way cleared to place another political favor in a top paying job. Either would be par for the course. Having worked at CPS Central Offices I was quite aware bothe scenaries took place before.

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