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Is it realistic to imagine that we can recruit two football stadiums full of exceptional...

What does an effective principal do? We both agree that instructional leadership is a part of the equation.

So often the messaging is that troubled schools should be closed down, or that they should be turned over to charter operators, or that they will benefit from major turnover in staff.

We both agree that the change won't come overnight. Beyond that, however, we see things a bit differently.

We agree, first and foremost, that preparing effective teachers is hard and complicated work.

Although we hold different positions, we do agree that training matters and that current policy rhetoric is sometimes irresponsible.

Whatever their flaws, unions play a critical role in public education. So how can we move past the for/against dichotomy?

Knowing that we tend to take different sides on a range of policy issues, we wanted to figure out if there were things we could actually agree on.

Professional development needs improvement. But what would better PD look like?


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