In this post, Jack Schneider makes the case that funding matters and that current efforts are inadequate. Andy Smarick, on the other hand, thinks funding can't be an excuse for low performance.

Lots of very tricky issues will need to be worked out if No Child Left Behind is going to be fixed and reauthorized. Jack Schneider and Andy Smarick discuss.

Charter theories are sometimes built on the idea of school "fit." At other times, they're based on the notion that the free market knows best. Andy Smarick and I discuss.

Andy Smarick believes that kids would be better off with a system entirely composed of charters. I disagree.

If you can say only a little about Ferguson, say one thing.

Stay tuned as Andy Smarick and I take up topics like charter schools, the Common Core, and teacher evaluation.

To all the TFA critics out there, here's my pitch: TFA isn't going away. So why not pressure them to wield their power and influence in a way that might actually prove more productive?

Jack and Julian Vasquez Heilig discuss the role of teacher unions and how they might evolve in the coming decades.

Jack and guest Julian Vasquez Heilig discuss whether testing companies like Pearson are behind the Common Core State Standards.

Is there any point in having curricular benchmarks at the district, state, or national level? Jack Schneider and Julian Vasquez Heilig discuss.


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