Choice, for all its pitfalls, does offer a glimmering hope of countering school segregation. Julian Vasquez Heilig and I consider a choice plan that might work.

Vouchers are back as a topic, and this time they've been given an equity gloss. Julian Vasquez Heilig and I discuss whether or not vouchers are still a bad idea.

What is the damage done by TFA's claims that their program is as good or better than college- and university-based programs? Julian Vasquez Heilig and I discuss.

Julian Vasquez Heilig and I have both been critical of Teach For America. But we tend to take different positions on the overall impact of organization.

Should the community have input in what they are held accountable for in educational outcomes? Julian Vasquez Heilig and I weigh the possibilities.

What should be included in a measure of school quality? If not by standardized test scores, how should we measure student achievement? Julian Vasquez Heilig and I each have some thoughts.

While corporate lobbying and palm-greasing is disturbing in its own right, we can't pin the obsession with testing on Pearson.

I use "corporate" as a term to describe the large chains and franchises that are dominating and leading the charter movement.

Private interests, concerned foremost with the bottom line, can be problematic in education; but the vast majority of charters are operated on a non-profit basis.

I decided to invite a new conversation partner to jump in, hoping we might go even further in unpacking the overheated rhetoric that swirls around our public schools.


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